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About Us

Mahahual Dive Centre was born from the dream and passion that every diver has: Living near the sea and discovering and the reef and wildlife. Mahahual Dive Centre is characterized by the unique style of the team, personal attention, professionalism and of course that little something extra we put into each dive. Come and share this adventure with us!!!


Jorge El Patrón

Born in Ciudad del Carmen Campeche and trained as an architect, he walked away from job stability at a multinational oil company to pursue, (camera in hand) his passion of capturing images of the coral reefs in the Caribbean and other parts of the world. The abundant material he has captured provided for his first book of underwater images of Mahahual and Costa Maya: "Blue - Pasion de Mar". Three years after arriving in Mahahual he founded Mahahual Dive Centre, a project with a unique concept: To provide each of our friends and customers with a fun and all-encompasing experience in Mahahual both under and over the water. Since then he has been dedicated to guiding dive trips in the Mesoamerican barrier reef, Banco Chinchorro reserve and Xcalak reef national park.

• Zoom Azul underwater photographer
• ACUC instructor
• Underwater photography instructor
• AIDA freediver
• Certified guide by the Natural Protected Areas Comission of Mexico

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Norma Doll

Originally from Logroño, Spain and headshrinker by training, after 18 years of professional practice she decided to seek a change of pace in order to pursue her passion for diving and the sea (which according to her isn't crazy). Gifted with abundant calm and patience to educate our future generations of divers, she joined the Mahahual Dive Centre team in January 2014 and enjoys diving in paradise and living in Mexico.

• ACUC instructor
• Certified Chinchorro guide by the Natural Protected Areas Comission of Mexico CONANP
• AIDA freediver

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Little Sergi

Our "little" guy! Claims he is from Barcelona Spain, but looks more Paxti than anything else hehe. Discovered Mahahual 6 years ago, and from then on he began lending us a hand during peak diving seasons. Eventually, in August of 2014, his love of Mexican culture and Mahahual compelled him to leave his beloved pa amb tomaquet, replacing them with cochinita pibil tacos and a partnership in Mahahual Dive Center.

• PADI dive master
• PADI instructor
• Reabreather instructor
• EFR instructor
• Certified Chinchorro guide by the Natural Protected Areas Comission of Mexico CONANP




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