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Paradise Mahahual

The dives here are characterized by their tranquility, high visibility and scenic diving. Mahahual is a natural paradise where the second longest barrier reef system in the world –the Great Maya Barrier Reef (belonging to the Mesoamerican barrier reefs), stretches for over 70 kilometers full of mazes, nook, crannies and abundant marine life. It is also a place full of surprises, where encounters with turtles, lobsters and some pelagic animals are possible. With some luck, you may also find rare, almost extinct creatures here. Mahahual offers more than 40 dive sites, including Chinchorrito, The Steps, Faro Viejo (at times there is a strong current at this site) Paitocal, Punta Tam, Balamku and of course Puerto Angel, each site offering abundant and spectacular marine life. The reality is that not a lot is known about this part of the Mexican Caribbean, its seabed yet to be fully explored, so each dive has the potential to provide a new discovery. Diving in Mahahual is pure surprise.

Reserrva Aqui